SENER's social and economic commitment to the local community of Kathu

20/04/2018 (South Africa)
SENER's social and economic commitment to the local community of Kathu

In each of the projects SENER carries out around the world, its involvement with the local community is fundamental for its development and activity. From the beginning of the Kathu thermosolar plant project between SENER and Acciona Industrial, in parallel we set up the Kelebogile Trust, an independent company that manages the funds set aside to revitalize an area severely castigated by poverty, very low levels of education and high unemployment.

Through the trust, they have undertaken inclusive participatory processes with the local community, in order to be able to contribute to the development of the social measures needed in the region. The total budget was distributed as follows:

  • 75% for social measures to improve the levels of education and training of the population, promoting the employability and personal development of the community.
  • The remaining 25% to foster entrepreneurship and promote local small and medium-sized enterprises, with the aim of generating new opportunities and facilitating local contracting.

Among the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities undertaken by SENER in the region, we can highlight:

  • The training and provision of material to primary school pupils.
  • Training in emergency services.
  • Grants and assistance for students to access higher education.
  • The construction of educational centers.

Likewise, through the Nelson Mandela project, a program was carried out to rebuild homes in unsanitary conditions. Thanks to this, SENER is already part of the collective memory of 113,000 people in the John Taolo Gaetswewe (JTG) community, which has 242,264 inhabitants, where the company aims to promote local development, strengthen the economic fabric and the educational community, and train the people of the region.

SENER backs local development

The implementation of these initiatives in the Kathu area is another example of SENER's commitment to encouraging local development and strengthening the industrial fabric that, in the end, is what creates long-term wealth and brings improvements to society and the quality of life of the people. Also noteworthy in this respect are other actions carried out in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility with the CODESPA Foundation, the food collection campaigns in the offices with Food Banks, the collection of toys for children at risk of social exclusion, and its support for the Business Observatory against Poverty.

In addition, since 2002, SENER has had its own foundation, the SENER Foundation, established with objectives of serving the community through the training of people and promoting the socially responsible nature of the professional activity. In 2017 the foundation celebrated its 15th anniversary.

The Kathu Solar Park

The construction of the thermosolar plant has created 5,131 direct and indirect jobs, which will increase to more than 10,000 a year during its two decades of service life. During its years of operation, the plant will generate more than 284 million euros for the South African GDP.

The Kathu thermosolar plant in South Africa, which is being built by the SENER engineering and technology group, together with ACCIONA Industrial, will provide clean energy to more than 179,000 homes (according to estimates of the South African Department of Energy, DOE) and will strengthen the business and social network of the region thanks to the creation of local employment and the different initiatives the companies are undertaking in the area.

The Kathu thermoelectric plant uses SENERtrough®-2 parabolic trough technology designed and patented by SENER and is equipped with a molten salt thermal storage system with a capacity of 4.5 hours. It will begin operation this year and from the outset it will mean a reduction of 95,000 tons of CO2 emissions a year.

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