SENER leaves a lasting legacy in the Northern Cape

10/12/2018 (South Africa)
SENER leaves a lasting legacy in the Northern Cape

The Northern Cape Province, where SENER and its partners are building three solar powered power stations, is a vast area but also one of the most impoverished in South Africa. So, in addition to using the area’s ideal solar energy conditions - relatively flat surface and sunny skies - to generate clean electricity, SENER thought it important to also leave a legacy for the people where the stations are built.

SENER and its partners in Kathu Solar Park dedicated a R29m fund for socio-economic development, most of the money was used for initiatives such as bursaries for 29 students who are pursuing studies in various fields such as engineering, science and technology, upgrading of early learning centres at three schools, building of student accommodation at Kathu College, provision of modular classrooms and business training for small and micro enterprises in the region.

SENER also did the same at Ilanga-1, investing more than R1,2 million in various social projects laboratory equipment for Frank Biggs school, laptops for Leerkans school and water tanks.
Moreover, one of the key focus areas is job creation, particularly for the youth. In excess of 4000 jobs created during the construction of various CSP plants have been created at various stages of construction of the concentrated solar power plants.

As part of its commitment to contributing towards skills development in the renewable energy sector, SENER together with its partners in the turnkey solar thermal power plant project -named Ilanga-1, have completed technical training courses for 50 prospective employees at the plant. The training is in preparation for the operations and maintenance (O&M) phase of the project, which reached commercial operation date on 30 November 2018.

We identified and selected candidates, within 50km radius of the Ilanga CSP1 site, Dawid Kruiper Municipality, ZF Mgcawu District Municipality to attend the training course about the day-to-day operation of solar thermal power stations. They have now become part Ilanga-1 workforce.

When it comes to Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), SENER prides itself as a world leader in innovative and sustainable solutions for clean energy. This year has seen us achieve some of our most outstanding milestones since the start of operations in South Africa’s Northern Cape Province.

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