SENER is a global engineering and construction leader with a focus on the Southern African energy sector. With more than 60 years of global operational experience and a footprint in five continents, SENER is a technology leader worldwide in the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) sector, both in terms of technology and number of plants in progress.

SENER´s expertise and innovative solutions in Renewable, Power, Oil & Gas can help empower Southern African economies since SENER has the capability to provide a full range of services for complex turnkey projects, from initial planning to operation services that always put our client’s interests first.

SENER has been working in South Africa since 2013 when opened its regional branch and has taken part in three turnkey construction consortium for the Bokpoort, Kathu and now Ilanga solar thermal power plants, becoming part of South Africa’s 2010 Integrated Resource Program (IRP) 2010 – 2030.

We proudly serve our customers by developing leading and world-class technologies and products that facilitate the decision making process and help resolve key issues on large-scale EPC/EPCM project to improve performance generating an added value to the final client. Our multidisciplinary and integral team of engineers and technical experts can boost efficiency by ensuring input from various discipline experts simultaneously; help cut costs and hit deadlines; and facilitate knowledge and skill sharing.

Today, SENER is renowned for the reliability of its thermosolar power, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) technology solutions and combined cycle plants.

SENER in Southern Africa aims to continue contributing to the country’s sustainable and industrial development.

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Mision, Vision & Values

Mision, Vision & Values

SENER Southern Africa´s Mision, Vision & Values define who we are and the ethical principles which govern the activities of the organisation.[+]

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